ProSuite – Traceability and Process Control

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ProSuite develops and markets paperless manufacturing software solutions. Based on a predefined workflow, their software controls the full assembly process, registers all the product assembly steps and generates a complete birth certificate.

Complex assembly processes still require operators. But operators are still humans — not robots — which means they can make mistakes. ProSuite works to minimize those mistakes by combining traceability with process control. “Traceability” means listing all registered data. “Process control” means giving an operator step-by-step instructions with the aid of a screen, and enabling and disabling equipment as necessary.

ProSuite has extensive experience in all different types of traceability and process control solutions, ranging from simply tracking tightening results to complete plant control.

ProSuite® is a standard solution, achieved by combining a flexible architecture with custom made plug-ins. Its flexible architecture makes ProSuite® usable for various assembly applications and machines from various suppliers.

ProSuite®  is offered for every industry that uses tightening tools, one station to entire assembly lines.

ProSuite® can cover up to 95% of your needs with standard software modules and our architecture allows us to make custom modules where needed to cover the last 5%.

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To request an opportunity to meet with ProSuite, please email [email protected], or use the form found here.

About the Speaker: Prior to founding De Jaeger Automation in 2000, the company developing the ProSuite software, Patrick De Jaeger worked as Automation Consultant at Volvo Cars Ghent and Tier-1 companies. Patrick holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering.



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