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2018 SC Automotive Summit

South Carolina’s Annual Automotive Summit brings together hundreds of industry leaders for thought-provoking presentations and rewarding networking.

More than ever before, the 2018 Summit will have an international emphasis, as the South Caroina Automotive Council welcomes a Belgian delegation to talk about Industry 4.0 and the Factory of the Future.

The Belgians are part of the Transport and Mobility Club of Agoria, Belgium’s largest employers’ organization and trade association. Click here to read more about the Belgian participants.

SC Connect has been engaged by the SC Department of Commerce to arrange B2B meetings between Belgian and South Carolina companies. To learn more, or to request an opportunity to meet, please email trip@scconnect.us, or use the form found here.

Why Belgium?

A physically small country, Belgium is only about 40% the size of South Carolina yet has more than twice the population. With hourly average labor costs about 50% higher than the US, Belgium’s manufacturers have learned to be highly efficient.

Belgium manufacturers face some of their greatest challenges ever, including:
–Guaranteeing top quality,
–Ensuring affordable small production runs,
–Turning out large volumes quickly,
–Providing efficient administration, and
–Creating sustainable businesses.

Dealing with these challenges, the Belgians have developed sophisticated technological responses, and their efforts can help South Carolina industries navigate similar headwinds.

On Thursday, March 1, the Belgians will present a series of brief presentations on how they’ve been working to develop Factories of the Future. To view the full agenda of the 2018 SC Automotive Summit and to register for the event, click here.

Belgian Summit Presentations

Agoria. Agoria, Belgium’s largest trade association, has created a program that builds on seven key changes that transform a business into an authentic Factory of the Future. Quite unique in the Belgian approach is the emphasis on human centered production. Ward Vleegen, leader of Agoria’s Transport and Mobility Club, will present the Belgian Factories of the Future Program and the lessons learned.
Click here to learn  more about Agoria.

AMS. Rotational molding of plastic parts has been used for many years to produced hollow parts such as containers, tanks and filter housings. By using robotics in the molding process combined with electrical heating of the mold, full automation is achieved. This results in a game-changing total cost of ownership for low volume production.
Click here to learn more about AMS.

BEP Europe.  In a world with ever increasing complexity, our vehicles are also becoming more and more complex and intelligent. We will present how vehicles are tested at the end of the line, with a focus on ADAS-systems. We show what can be calibrated at the EOL and how the different remote sensors can be inspected and taught.
Click here to learn more about BEP Europe.

conTeyor. The challenges in material handling are broad: one piece flow, deliver in-line sequence at the assembly line, no packaging, possible to be picked by a robot without decreasing the truck density, loading and unloading the truck without HI-LO’s, improving safety and ergonomics, avoiding damaged parts, reusing packaging material to increase sustainability, etc. .Especially for scratch-sensitive components, our returnable solutions allows companies to tackle these challenges. Via case studies, we will present the important design considerations and lessons learned.
Click here to learn more about conTeyor.

Facil. Typical line feeding solutions in an automotive environment use Kanban cards, scanning systems or push buttons to create the replenishment signal. All of them are operator dependent and can create inaccuracies, they are time consuming, give no real-time stock information and give no line delivery confirmations. Facil is developing next generation solutions to resolve this. Test areas have been installed at customers, and their status will be discussed.
Click here to learn more about Facil.

FlandersMake. Optimal interaction between machines and humans is a crucial feature to respond to the increasing trend of customized products. In such factories, the creativity and intelligence of operators and the precision and power of machines are a perfectly working match. FlandersMake will guide you through the different research objectives and results.
Click here to learn more about FlandersMake.

LASE.  In the production of automotive interior systems, exterior plastics, fuel systems and drive trains & axles, state-of-the art automated production equipment is vital in order to be competitive. LASE will present a number of case studies illustrating best practices and recent innovations.
Click here to learn more about LASE.

Proceedix. Companies need more effective ways to connect their people with relevant and up-to-date information. In this presentation, Proceedix will share a number of case studies illustrating how leading companies are using mobile and wearable technology to improve productivity and quality.
Click here to learn more about Proceedix.

ProSuite. Production control and traceability of fastening and other discrete operations are essential in order to safeguard product quality and avoid costly recall operations. We will present case studies on how paperless manufacturing solutions can be tailored to existing production environments and connected to the ERP/SAP system, with no or minimal custom development.
Click here to learn more about ProSuite.

RapidFit. The RapidFit system changes the way fixtures are designed and manufactured. As a modular system, RapidFit offers a high degree of customization and accuracy, while also allowing for the re-use of standardized elements. Advanced functionality can be integrated into fixtures, such as snap-fits and clips. These in turn enable increased repeatability and a better representation of the part environment. RapidFit is a game-changer in automotive tooling, shortening the time-to-market for your product.
Click here to learn more about RapidFit.


Belgian Corporate Participants in the SC Automotive Summit

Agoria Transport and Mobility Club

Agoria, Belgium's largest employers' organization and trade association, provides services for its members on international business development and specialized technology solutions which focus on enhancing business opportunities for its members.
Agoria Transport and Mobility Club

AMS – Robotics and Growth

AMS Belgium is a young, global and dynamic full-service provider of automation projects using robots & PLC systems. AMS offers turnkey automation solutions for manufacturing industries, and has extensive experience with the automotive and food industry. Customers include BMW, Volvo, Daimler, Volkswagen, Tata and Ford.
AMS – Robotics and Growth

BEP Europe – A History of High Quality Testing

The Burke Porter Group is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of advanced technological testing and assembly solutions. The company encompasses 31 locations across four continents, with manufacturing and support capabilities across the globe.
BEP Europe – A History of High Quality Testing

conTeyor – Innovative Packaging Solutions

conTeyor is a leader in the innovative niche market of B2B re-usable packaging solutions.
conTeyor – Innovative Packaging Solutions

Facil – Fasteners from Design to Delivery

Facil transforms the low-cost, high complexity world of fasteners into a full-service support system that standardizes parts, streamlines re-supply and cuts time and labor costs.
Facil – Fasteners from Design to Delivery

FlandersMake – Collaborative Research And Testing

FlandersMake is the strategic research facility for manufacturing in Belgium’s industrial region. Its ten university facilities with about 300 researchers are available for private U.S. company use and collaborative research with U.S. institutions.
FlandersMake – Collaborative Research And Testing

LASE – Turnkey Automation Solutions

Since 2001, LASE has been developing turnkey automation projects for OEMs as well as Tier I and II suppliers worldwide. LASE can provide the most cost-effective manufacturing solution for interior systems, exterior plastics, fuel systems, drive trains and axles.
LASE – Turnkey Automation Solutions

Proceedix – Digital Work Instructions

Proceedix is a young and ambitious technology company, headquartered in beautiful Ghent, Belgium. Since its foundation in 2014, it has developed one of the leading solutions for digital work instructions.
Proceedix – Digital Work Instructions

ProSuite – Traceability and Process Control

ProSuite develops and markets paperless manufacturing software solutions. Based on a predefined workflow, their software controls the full assembly process, registers all the product assembly steps and generates a complete birth certificate.
ProSuite – Traceability and Process Control

RapidFit – Manufacturing Game Changer

The RapidFit system changes the way fixtures are designed and manufactured. As a modular system, RapidFit offers a high degree of customization and accuracy, while also allowing for the re-use of standardized elements.
RapidFit – Manufacturing Game Changer